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The Crypto-Currency Investment JACKPOT

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Dear reader,

If you want to give your kids the chance to be wealthy when they are older…

Or you simply want to retire with a nest egg many times larger than you ever dared hope for…

I have one piece of advice:

Get into cryptocurrencies – as fast as you bloody can.

This is the birth of an entirely new investment class…

And that’s something that hasn’t happened since your great, great, great grandfather was around.

The last time a brand new major asset class was introduced to the world was when the Bank of England first issued a government bond in 1694.

That’s 323 years ago!

That should give you some idea of how rare it is to be able to invest in untapped, virgin territory.

I’ve got no hesitation in saying: fail to invest in this asset today, and I believe you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.

Allow me to explain...

This is the biggest money-maker in the world today

Cryptos can make you the kind of money that most people only ever quietly dream about.

Just look at this…

If you’d invested just R5,000 in each of the five largest and most popular cryptocurrencies 12 months ago your returns today would be nearly R210,000, before taxes.

That’s a huge profit. In just one year. Just on the biggest of the cryptos.

Much better than anything you could have made trading gold, silver, JSE stocks or anything else you can name.

Data from: Coin market cap website, Yahoo Finance, LBMA daily and UK investing website

In fact, in the past year alone, dozens of little-known ‘cryptos’ have surged 100%, 1,000%… 2,000%, 5,000%… and more…

Monero 3,015%
Dash 1,056%
NeosCoin 8,136%
MaidSafeCoin 417%
SysCoin 741%

*17 May 2016 – 17 May 2017

Just… wow.

Sure, this is past performance and you can’t rely on that for future results.

But few booms I’ve personally experienced, or researched in the market history books, have gifted early investors those kinds of hyper-growth gains.

Believe me, there are some very happy, very rich “crypto-coin” owners out there right now.

Imagine nailing just one of those gains.

You may not have to picture that much longer.

Because I’m about to present to you a portfolio of three.

While they share similar characteristics to the cryptos above – there are FIVE core differences that I believe could, potentially, send them hurtling EVEN HIGHER over the next 12 to 24 months… and into “dream gain” territory over the next 5 to 10 years.

Even bitcoin – the most well-known and widely traded cryptocurrency in the world – is up 275% over the last 12 months.

And it’s up over 34,000% in the last five years.

One major crypto has climbed over 4,900% since 1 Jan 2017. If you had just R500 in that price rise, your stake would be worth R24,500 today. That’s the opportunity here.

Ok, let me point out again…

You know that you can’t rely on past performance for future results. But, you’d have to be completely blind or have your brain switched off not to see the potential of what’s happening in the here and now.

This is a new market. So it’s true that these gains are coming from a low point. But that also means there is a hell of a long way for them to grow, too. As I’ll show you – the growth potential ahead looks staggering.

And, yes, these cryptos can be very volatile. The lesser ones shoot up one moment and down the next. I’ve experienced it first-hand. But looking at the market as a whole – the upward trend is overwhelming.

Holding on to the right crypto for the next year, two years – even ten years – could make you a royal personal fortune. That’s my aim here.

And scores of investors are already playing this market explosion for life-changing money. One crypto investor – Kristoffer Koch – has turned $27 into $886,000.

That’s at the extreme end. But many others, like investor Greg Wilson, have made gains of 1,191% and almost 2,000%.

Today it could be your turn.

So here’s a simple proposition for serious investors:

If you want to get in on the #1 growth market in the world today…

All you have to do is sit there and I’ll show you how.

They called me “crazy” for backing this… then it soared 134%!!

My name by the way is Sam Volkering.

I’ve been a professional investor and IFA for over a decade… I’ve recommended opportunities that have returned 400%, 700%, even over 1,200% – as my readers will attest:

Look, I know an opportunity when I see one.

I’ve been a guest on live US TV for my expertise on the tech sector. And in 2014, I was asked to share my insight on the booming cryptocurrency market… specifically on bitcoin…

  Source: NewsmaxTV

I told them what I’m telling you:

In the 1990s you had computer stocks that turned stakes of R2,500 into over R25k.

In the early 2000s you had the rise of internet companies making early investors a fortune… and now we have the cryptocurrency market.

And, if played right, I believe it will mint more millionaires than any financial boom we have ever seen.

Believe it or not, on live TV, I got called “crazy” for making such a prediction about the crypto market.

That’s right – this market! And look what’s happened since:

SIBCoin 641%
Expanse 484%
Aeon 3996%
BitBay 2983%
CureCoin 253%
Burstcoin 3,700%
Viacoin 4837%
CloakCoin 486%

*17 May 2016 – 17 May 2017

Are you seeing what I’m seeing?!

If you’re looking at this knockout list of gains and you’re not thinking “how do I get some of that?” – then why not!?

In fact, if you’re not already tickled by this idea – you’re wasting your time.

This is for investors ready and willing to hunt “big game”… investors who want to take a FRACTION of their spare capital and turn it into potentially huge money over the long term.

Of course, not all cryptos have gone up in price like this. Virtacoin, for example, is down 63%, over the last year. Some have disappeared from the scene altogether.

Sam V

As I said earlier, you have to be selective. You have to know what to look for to find the cryptos with the odds stacked in their favour.

That’s where I come in.

I’ve identified the three coins that I believe you should buy immediately to start your crypto portfolio.

I’ve explained the case in full for each of them in my report – which I’d like to send you FREE of charge.

Before I do, let me explain briefly...

WHY are cryptos making
the biggest and fastest gains
the world has EVER seen?

Well, a convergence of very rare (and probably never to be repeated) factors are driving “cryptocurrencies” from a niche obsession…

Into a downright mania. Here’s what some of the most respected voices in tech have to say about this powerful new trend:

Cryptocurrencies are just like any other currency. You can move out of pounds and into bitcoin just in the same way you can buy dollars or euros.

Then, you can use the crypto to buy an increasing amount of stuff – or hopefully just watch it appreciate in value.

The difference is… cryptos aren’t issued by one government. They’re private.

Think of them as like “digital gold”. Gold isn’t issued by any one particular government… but it’s traded and valued worldwide.

The same goes for cryptos. It’s an alternative store of money.

And in the era since the financial crisis of 2008 – when trust in governments and banks has evaporated – cryptos have allowed regular people to invest their wealth OUTSIDE the traditional financial system.

This idea has caught fire.

And I believe this market hasn’t even warmed up yet!

Investing in cryptocurrencies now could be like claiming a stake in Apple in 1980 – when the company still had world domination ahead… and 28,000% still to climb.

I think that’s the potential here. In fact, I believe it’s even bigger.

Because it’s still the ground floor.

That means this is your ONE shot at the early rush of returns.

Follow me into this opportunity today and you’ll have your chance to make more than 34,000% on your initial stake.

What’s more…

I’m putting my money where
my mouth is

I believe so strongly in this opportunity I am going to do something I have never done…

I’m offering you a R2,000* grubstake in what I believe is “the next bitcoin”…

… a “crypto” capable of turning that R2,000* into more than R700k over the coming years.

I will put that R2,000* in your bank account. You can secure that stake TODAY.

There’s just one catch:

You must respond to me now. I know you can see the huge money-making potential in this – that’s why you snapped up a copy of my new book. So I am happy to make you this incredible offer of a R2,000 stake in this crypto revolution. But this is a one-off deal. And I may NEVER make it again. So if you want it, you have to take me up on it today.

I’ve spent six years researching this revolutionary new market.

I’ve spoken to the brains behind the technology – entrepreneurs who have launched their own cryptos. I’ve invested in it myself. I put money in bitcoin as early as 2011, when the price was around $12 – just to understand what it was all about.

I don’t know any analyst on the planet who has researched these “giga-coins” as thoroughly as I have.

And everything I have learned is distilled in what follows. I’ll show you:

  • Why there is no other market in the world capable of delivering such enormous returns
  • Why the crypto market growth will accelerate in the NEXT 12 months
  • Which ten crypto-coins you need to avoid – and why
  • Three crypto-coins you should buy NOW that could turn a R2k stake into more than R700k!

So here we go…

First off – who is this for?

I don’t want you to waste your time (or mine)…

There are risks here. So if you are looking for ultra-conservative, slow moving 3%- 5% annual gains, obviously you are in the wrong place – but I just need to make sure.

What we are discussing here is the best and least known ways for regular investors to make big (BIG) money. It’s one of the few remaining places the man on the street willing to take a punt can turn a few hundred quid into a huge windfall.

Is it risky?

Yes. But maybe not in the way you think…

No doubt this market is inherently volatile. That’s to be expected. It’s a new and exciting phenomenon. But when done right it can be a lot less risky than traditional investing. Here’s what I mean by that…

You don’t have to put up nearly as much money to get a much higher potential return. That’s the long and short of it. To make R500k or R1 million from blue chip stocks, a R5,000 stake is just not going to cut it. You have to risk a lot more. The cryptocurrency market is totally different. It’s for the man on the street. It allows “the little guy” to make the kind of money usually reserved for City investors or Wall Street “insiders”.

If you lose R500 or R1,000 I doubt you will lose much sleep over it. But if your crypto punt comes off you could be looking at thousands – even tens of thousands – in return.

(And remember, I am offering you a R2,000 stake in this opportunity today!)

In my book, that’s as pure and exciting an opportunity as I’ve ever seen.


Is it EASY to get into this market?

Once you know what you’re doing – and I’ll show you everything – it’s very straightforward.

It’s just like setting up an online trading or brokerage account. After the routine of entering your details on a secure page, you’re all set.

Don’t worry about that for a second – I’ll show you what to do so that it’s pretty effortless on your part. I’ll walk you through all of the practicalities so that you can get in on this opportunity within 20 minutes of sitting down at your computer. Then it’s just like buying shares – it becomes automatic.

Okay, so….

Do you want to know more?

Do you want to know WHICH cryptos I’m backing to multiply hundreds – even thousands – of times over?

Good – then let’s keep steaming ahead….

What I’d like to show you now is why I believe...

The life-changing money

Buy the right crypto currency today, hang on to it for 5-10 years, and I believe you’ll have enough money in your account to travel around the world and buy a home in any location you desire.

I’m not kidding.

And I want to get you started with a mini-portfolio of three cryptos…

My analysis tells me that one of these cryptos could grow 34,000 % higher in price than where it sits today.

Think about what that kind of return would do to you overall wealth.

Just ONE of these cryptos needs to reach a fraction of its overall potential for the needle on your wealth to move up considerably.

The entire market has gone from a value of £0 to about $100bn in just eight years.

And as impressive as the growth so far has been, keep this in mind:

I believe just getting started.

The NEXT 12 months are going to be even bigger for cryptocurrency. That’s because the same trends that triggered the massive gains of the last few years are coming back EVEN STRONGER.

Let me show you why the time to get in really is RIGHT NOW…

Crypto-catalyst #1:
“Safe Haven 2.0”

Let’s call 2016 “the year of worry”.

Global political events created a “perfect storm era” for cryptos. Let’s run our minds back over the situation that developed:

  • Britain became the first member of the EU to vote to leave – sending the value of sterling to 30-year lows.
  • South Africa was downgraded to junk and it's likely more downgrades will happen 
  • The Venezuelan government deflated its currency and removed HALF of all paper money from circulation.
  • The Indian prime minister – Narendra Modi – went even further and banned 86% of the notes in circulation OVERNIGHT.
  • The global “war on cash” has seen money restrictions sweep Europe, with France, Italy and Germany banning transactions over 1,000 euros in paper money.
  • The Chinese government deflated its currency even further – sending investors flocking into gold, property and…

Cryptocurrencies, en masse.

Political uncertainty and extreme monetary devaluing has sent investors fleeing into alternative assets. They are looking for a way to escape the financial system and wave of wealth repression going on.

And they’ve found one. Big time.

There are hundreds of alternative currencies. So we can assume billions of pounds of “old money” – that’s money in people’s bank accounts – are being converted into cryptocurrency every day.

This is the beginning of a unique and never-to-be-repeated moment in history… a mass movement OUT of traditional money and INTO cryptos.

This is a trend that begun as early as July 2015 in Greece. Greek savers were being forced to take a “haircut” on their savings… paying for the reckless behaviour of their financial institutions.

In this atmosphere of mistrust and fear, Greeks used bitcoin to do something the government tried to prevent: transfer money out of the country – out of the reach of more capital controls.

Adam Vaziri, a board member of the UK Digital Currency Association, tells it like this:

“When people are trying to move money out of the country and the state is stopping that from taking place, bitcoin is the only way to move any valueThere aren't any other options.”

This alternative and independent financial system cannot be stopped. Because in times of crisis, cryptos are exactly what people are looking for. They are:

  • Private: you can transfer money in total anonymity
  • Safe: your money can’t be tracked by centralised government powers
  • Freely moveable: you can move your money freely across borders
  • Convenient: all you need is a mobile phone or computer to transfer your funds

All this adds up to a “wealth migration” from old money to new.

For the first time in history, people have a viable, alternative financial system they can turn to in times of trouble. And there is a hell of a lot of trouble in the world today.

As an investor with an eye on a profit… you’ve got to be looking at this situation and drooling right now.

(Don’t forget I’m offering to get you started with a R2,000 grub-stake in this booming market!)

And it gets EVEN better!

Crypto-catalyst #2:
“The Financial Avalanche”

What every industry needs is “a tipping point”.

I’m sure you have a feel for what that phrase means, but just to be crystal clear… in his bestselling book The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell describes it like this:

“The tipping point is that magic moment when an idea, trend, or social behaviour crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire.”

It is the moment of avalanche… when all of that little-by-little pressure is released in one rush of energy.

For my money, this tipping point for cryptos arrived on 3 March 2017.

That was the moment when 1 bitcoin became more valuable than 1 ounce of gold.

Think about what that means. Gold – a financial safe-haven for millennia – is now worth less than a single crypto!

And some of the smartest companies and individuals in the world are piling in… these venture capitalists have made a career from sneaking in EARLY into world-changing tech. And they’re scrambling for a slice of the crypto market…

Jeremy Liew, famous for being one of the first investors in $25bn tech superstar Snapchat, believes bitcoin is about to go through a rampant phase of hyper-growth.

He estimates the growth of the bitcoin network will grow to 400 million users by 2030… and for the price of ONE bitcoin to hit $500,000.

That would be nearly 50,000% higher than where it sits today.

Other investors, see it racing even HIGHER.

Financial analyst Rick Falkvinge says that if bitcoin takes as much as 10% of the transactional currency market… one bitcoin could hit $1m.

But could even that sensational climb be a modest estimate?

Crypto guru Trace Mayer thinks so. He believes that a single bitcoin’s long-term price could end up closer to $2.8 million!

So if you think you are late to the party because you have been reading about bitcoin or seeing it crop up in the paper…think again!

I think it’s critical that every investor reading this letter today puts down a small chunk of change as soon as possible.

I want to start you off with a portfolio of three cryptos that I believe are destined to make you ten, 20, even 50 times your money as this market matures.

I’m so confident about this, I’m willing to offer you a R2,000* grubstake to get you started!

What I want you to understand is:

This is a never to be repeated moment in history. A global transition from old money to new.

Sure, this isn’t the ONLY time you’ll be able to invest in cryptos. Not at all.

There will be hundreds of ways to profit as this market matures. You can invest next year, the year after, even five years down the line. Even in a decade this opportunity will STILL be growing.

But now is quite simply the BEST time.

Never again will this moment in history occur. Just like never again will the world rush to adopt personal computers. Never again will Apple release the first iPod. Never again will the internet spread across the world so feverishly.

Never again will the world first adopt cryptocurrencies.

If you want to make the most possible money from this crypto revolution – this is it. The time is now. And it will NEVER be repeated.

Just a small stake in one of these exploding cryptos could redefine all of your expectations about your future wealth.

It’s a paradise for punters with a small amount of capital to spare!

So, if you’re ready…

It’s time to raid the crypto market for potentially life-changing gains!

I’ve selected THREE cryptocurrencies that I believe are heading for a phase of hyper-growth.

I’m talking about the kind of money that could pay for your kids’ university fees, a summer home and a new car… potentially from just a R10k-R20k investment.

I’ve spent five years analysing this market… watching it mature from the Wild West of the investment world to a prosperous boom town. Yes, we’re still on the bold frontier here… but what an exciting place to be!

So the question is – where should you put your money first?

Let me show you – here’s my first pick:

Crypto King #1:
“The blue chip coin that could make you a crypto millionaire”

Usually, I wouldn’t give away a recommendation for free – it’s not fair to my paid-up readers.

But I want you to have every chance of profiting from the powerful rise of cryptocurrencies.

So I’ll tell you here and now – BUY BITCOIN.

As an investor, I believe you should have bitcoin in your portfolio like you should have food in your fridge.

And even if you don’t buy it for yourself – buy just ONE coin for your kids or grandkids… they’ll thank you for it!

Here’s why…

Bitcoin will make ordinary people into millionaires

Look, if you’re still reading, you can see there is something big happening with money. The spread of cryptocurrencies is like a wildfire.

The number of people using bitcoin is on a sensational growth curve.

According to blockchain.info, there are over 14 million bitcoin wallets in use. Just three years ago that figure was less than a million.

This is exponential growth.

Imagine tucking one or two away for your kids or grandkids today… and in 13 years’ time it could be worth a million quid.

As a clued-up investor you might be wondering why the increase in users is set to push up the price.

Good question.

The reason is simple – and one that a lot of people don’t realise:

Bitcoin is a scarce resource

Just like there is only so much gold in the ground, the number of bitcoin that can enter circulation is FINITE.

There can only ever be 21 million bitcoins in circulation – that limitation is programmed into its core algorithm. It cannot be changed. Just like you can’t grow more gold, it is a limited resource.

So if this explosion in people using and trading bitcoin continues, it will become more scarce. It’s a virtuous circle – like a boom has been programmed into the future of the currency!

The oldest economic law – that of supply and demand – is as true for bitcoin as it is for gold, diamonds or uranium.

Right now there are around 16.3 million bitcoins in circulation.

The demand that many experts predict could cause a supply crunch in bitcoin in the near future – sending the price through the roof… into LIFE-CHANGING territory for investors who get in today.

That’s no exaggeration. Let’s be conservative and say that Jeremy Liew’s prediction that one bitcoin is destined to climb to $500k is only half right. That would mean a R30k investment in bitcoin today could ultimately return you R650,000.

Sam V

In my 12-year career as a professional investor, nothing compares to the potential I’m showing you today.

This brief analysis is only a “highlights reel”. I’ve created a special report for you showing you everything… giving you a more detailed investment case for bitcoin and my other two crypto picks.

I’ve taken care to walk you through this opportunity step by step. I don’t want you to get lost. Or for you to get into something you are not sure about. This moment is too important for any confusion to cloud the opportunity – there’s a lot at stake here for your personal wealth.

Your report is called: “Three Crypto Kings: How you could turn R2,000 into more than R680,000 from the currency revolution”.

It tells you everything you need, including which fast-rising cryptos I believe you should buy and how to buy them.

In just a moment I’ll show you how to get your hands on the report.

But first let me tell you about my second crypto recommendation… a new type of currency that could be set to climb even higher than bitcoin:

Crypto King #2:
“The bottomless gold mine”

Imagine you stumbled across a rich gold mine…

What the old gold-bugs used to call “a producer – a real humdinger”.

The further you explored it, the more gold it contained.

100 meters in, 300 meters, a mile, two miles, ten miles… the rich seam of gold never ended.

It’s the world’s first bottomless gold mine.

You don’t have to dig out all the gold yourself – that’s hard work. You can lease it to all the other miners who pay you vast sums to mine it.

They make money from selling the gold, and you get your cut. The more miners, the more money for you. The richer they get from selling their gold, the richer you get too.

That’s the opportunity here with a very special crypto I have uncovered.

The company behind it has developed a completely unique cryptocurrency platform – one which has limitless applications.

Described as “the bitcoin for the business world”, the entire corporate sphere lays before it as a potential mega-market…a super-industry that gets opened up just once or twice in a generation.

And its early adopters count among the largest and richest names in finance and industry…

Intel is in.

Microsoft is in.

JP Morgan, BNY Mellon, ING, Thomson Reuters, Credit Suisse, BP and Santander are in.

The question is… what is this “bottomless gold mine” all about?

“Bigger than Bitcoin”

I am going to keep this as simple as possible because I want to focus on the opportunity for you to make money here.

So I won’t get into the technicals. In my complimentary report you’ll get my full professional analysis – all the deep detail you need to really understand this.

But what I want to shine through in this letter is the astonishing growth potential sitting on your lap.

You may know that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies use something called “blockchain” technology.

The blockchain is simply a 100% reliable digital ledger. It keeps records of digital transactions. It’s the backbone of the crypto revolution. Every time a bitcoin or any other crypto changes hands, it’s logged.

But the company I want to share with you - and I recommend you buy as soon as you can manage – has taken this idea and exploded it.

Their unique crypto platform allows companies to conduct all of their business with 100% accuracy within the blockchain.

Here are just a few uses of it – to show you the vast potential:

Trading and securities exchange

Every share, commodity and financial transaction can be logged using this tech. And it can be done with no errors or lag and without paying for human interventions.

Value: according to Goldman Sachs, this could save financial firms $11bn-$12bn.


Storing account and payment information could standardise data needed to open accounts. For companies to immediately have instantly verified “know your customer” information is hugely valuable. This would be a tamper-proof record – like a digital passport for every customer.

Value: $3bn-$5bn in savings.

Land and property registry

Anyone who has ever bought property probably gets a headache recalling the arduous process. Not only is it costly, it is filled with errors. The transaction costs of exchanging deeds and insurance costs can be largely eliminated.

Value: $2bn-$4bn in savings.

Smart contracts

This may be the most valuable x-factor of this new tech. It’s priceless. And every business on Earth is a potential customer. A smart contract eliminates the need for any middle-man service.

The best way to describe smart contracts is to compare the technology to a vending machine. Ordinarily, you would go to a lawyer or a notary, pay them, and wait while you get the document ready for you.

With smart contracts on this crypto platform, you simply use it like a vending machine
(ie, ledger), and your driver’s licence or hose deed or freelance contract or whatever drops into your account.

Smart contracts not only define the rules and penalties around an agreement in the same way that a traditional contract does, but also automatically enforce those obligations.

For example, if you are a landlord and your tenant is even one minute late with his rent, a smart contract would (as agreed beforehand) immediately take the money from the tenants account, with a fine.

These smart agreements can be used by on credit card contracts, mobile phone agreements, car payment schemes – you name it. This crypto platform provides the adaptable tech for ANY kind of agreement. With no middle-man.

Value: well, I’ll leave you to try and figure out what every company in every industry on Earth is worth!

Let me be crystal clear here: if I had to tip one investment in the world today that I truly believe could take a small stake and turn it into a large fortune…

This is it.

My advice: buy a few coins today and hang on to them.

Have I been clear enough? If not – let me say it again:

If it’s money you can afford to spare, buy at least R5,000 worth of this crypto and don’t let go.

Like I said, there’s a possibility of course that you could lose that R5,000. That’s true of any investment you make.

But I think that R5,000 stands a bloody good chance of multiplying tens, even hundreds of times over in the coming years – as the “crypto-railroad’” spreads through the corporate and financial world.

Risk is a choice rather than a fate. And that’s the way I see it when you take a punt on a play like this… or any cryptocurrency. If it comes off you stand to make a tremendous amount of money.

Sam V

And if it doesn’t, then you are at least the master of your own destiny, giving yourself a chance at making a radical improvement to your investing returns.

My take is: get in now before the mad rush of money has been made.

All of my analysis on this crypto king and my other two urgent picks are in a detailed and urgent report I have put together for you.

It’s called: “Three Crypto Kings: How you could turn R2k into more than R680k from the currency revolution”.

I want to get this report in your hands right away.

You’ll get all my thorough research – including a full run-down of all the risks and potential rewards when buying cryptocurrencies.

And I’ll go into further detail about why I believe this opportunity is unmissable for anyone who wants to gun for a life-changing profit.

I have selected what I consider the best and safest way available for you to buy and sell this new asset class. Just like online brokerages, some crypto exchanges have good reputations and some have bad ones. I have recommended the exchange I use personally. One that I trust completely with my own money.

What’s more I recommend a way for you to hold the cryptos offline, for extra security.

Buying cryptocurrencies is just like setting up a trading account. Once you’ve done the necessary filling in and registering, you’re all set and you can buy and sell in minutes. That’s why I’ve created a special video, walking you through it every step of the way to make it as simple and quick as possible.

This free video tutorial is included in your special report – “Three Crypto Kings: How you could turn R2k into more than R680k from the currency revolution”.

I want to hand you this report as soon as possible.

But – and forgive my frankness – I have spent too much time researching this opportunity simply to give it away in this open presentation.

I’d like to give you this report in a much more discrete way…


We are living through a technological revolution.

Cryptocurrencies are a big part of that story... this is a financial revolution minting an unstoppable wave of new wealth.

But there is more to this tech wealth driven revolution – so much more! Right now, staking your money in firms targeted through smart algorythyms could provide you a huge return on your cash.

And Josh Benton is the man to show you how to take advantage.

As Editorial Director of the South African chapter of one of the biggest global private wealth management clubs in the world, Josh is able to provide his members access to some of the best investment ideas from some of the most successful thought leaders and investors around the world. And that’s how Josh and I met, through our global alliance.

Over the past few years, Josh and the South African Investor network have shown readers how to capitalise on market whether it’s exploding or imploding – homing in on solar stocks, battery tech firms, companies pioneering logistics and cutting edge mining firms who are changing the face of mining in South Africa.

To say Josh and the team ‘knows their stuff’ is putting it lightly, The panel is made up of authors... investors... advisors to the rich… portfolio managers... value investing experts... and much more.

They’re known and respected throughout our global network, with numerous appearances on Bloomberg TV (in the UK and India), CNBC Africa as well as CNN.

Panel members like Leon louw and Dan Denning have given sell-out presentations to traders and analysts in every major “hub” of the financial system, including London, New York, Singapore, Sydney, Copenhagen, Dublin and San Francisco.

And founder of both the South African chapter and the global Agora, Bill Bonner, is widely sought out for his predictions on gold and the future of fiat currency.

Quite simply, Josh is connected. And he is one of the best value investors I’ve ever come across.

Crypto King #3:
“The New Internet”

In your report, I’ll give you the full rundown why I’m so excited by this crypto.

What you really need to know here is:

  • It has partnered with the largest online bank in Japan and a consortium of 5,000 businesses
  • It is developing in-game currency with a giant computer game publisher
  • In February 2017 it announced a major deal with an online “digital wallet” developer

This fast-rising crypto is the fifth largest on the market and over the last year its reach and growth has been significant… climbing 7,524% to date.

But that’s not why I’m excited about this crypto. Besides the fact that past performance tells us nothing about what’s to come… it’s the future growth potential that could be truly staggering.

I like this crypto because it uses a completely new branch of blockchain technology. This innovation has been embraced by the Japanese business world – a market leading the way in crypto tech.

Without getting into the nitty gritty here, it’s new tech is more secure than its competitors… and uses less computer power – which is a major factor in scaling out the use of cryptocurrencies.

What really attracts me to this crypto is the headway it is making in Japan… counting some very wealthy corporates among its clients.

Ultimately, it’s impossible to put an upper limit on the potential… because the reach could be so vast.

As this tech sweeps the Japanese business world, entire companies could be built on this crypto platform… creating a completely new and self-contained internet for the corporate world.

I can’t realistically price in a new internet (!) but I can say that if this crypto grows at its current rate, a small sum invested today could really snowball 2-5 years down the line.

Sound good to you? I should hope so.

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